3D wall panels, Artificial Hedge

Artificial Hedge Care

It’s an obvious fact that the most advantage of artificial plants is that they don’t require regular watering, and they don’t need to be kept in direct sunlight to survive. This enables artificial plants to be placed more creatively in the building, and the types of ‘plants’ can be used in kinds of design are almost endless.

Although caring for artificial hedge is easier than real ones, they’ll still need a certain degree of maintenance to keep them looking their best!


When they are kept indoors, they will attract dust and dirt, and a build-up of this will shorten their lifespan; as a general rule, your artificial plants should last for at least five years.

Fortunately, caring for artificial plants can be both time and cost effective compared to real ones.

If you want to speed up the cleaning process, you can also choose to spray compressed air directly onto the ‘foliage’ of the plant. However, this may need to be completed outdoors.

For marks and ground-in dirt, your artificial plants will also benefit from being wiped down with a wet cloth. This should be done with warm water, as a chemical cleaning solution could cause your plant’s colors to run. .

Regular cleaning should be completed once a week (or at least a few times a month), and will involve lightly dusting the plant with a soft-bristle paintbrush.

Remember to start dusting from the top of the plant, and work your way downwards; this ensures that no debris falls onto clean the areas of the plant!

Artificial Hedge

Finally, after cleaning, remember to gently dry the plant to avoid breakage; this will get rid of the shiny finish, which can give the game away that your plant is artificial!

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