Artificial Hedge

How To Install Your Artificial Hedge!

Now air pollution is getting worse, many people around have the idea of building indoor plant walls at home. In the actual operation, there will be various small problems. Water leaks, plant drops, green plants withered, and excessive mosquitoes need to be considered. In fact, these problems will occur, mainly because the indoor plant wall is not correct, and does not take into account the bearing capacity and plant adaptability.

Step1: Style Determination

When making an artificial greenery wall, you should first choose the style of the wall. The area size and the number of greenery wall are determined according to the style. For example, the simple greenery wall area is small, the corresponding number of green plants is small, and the required fixed points are also small. If it is a large-area style of 5㎡ or more, the load-bearing capacity of the wall and the number of greenery hedges need to be confirmed.

Step2: Waterproof Work

Waterproofing is the most important step in the indoor greenery wall. Many people do not have enough waterproofing, which ultimately causes water penetration and endangers the health of their families. Currently modular products do not need to be waterproof, but at a higher price. The non-woven fabric process is cheap, but it needs to do a lot of waterproof work and it needs to be re-watered once in 3-5 years. So in step two, we generally recommend the use of modular products.

How to install artificial hedges onto a timber fence

1.Connect the panels together.

2.Cut the panels to the exact size required.

3.Staple the boxwood mat, or other hedge design or vertical garden directly onto the fence by securing the plastic matting to the surface.

How to install artificial hedges and green walls onto a metal fence

1.Attach timber beams vertically to the metal fence spaced at intervals of around 40cm. You can then add a horizontal beam across the top and bottom by attaching it to the vertical posts.

2.Attach the hedge panel or vertical garden / green wall to the timber beams, or directly into the fence using a screw and washer. We would suggest attaching the panels using around 12 screws + washers per meter panel of green wall.

3.Continue to join each panel using the clips and repeat step two ensuring to securely fasten your artificial hedge or green wall directly to the timber supports.

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