How to Make Your Space Feel Bigger?

What is minimalist style?

If you’re not blessed with an excess of square footage, decorating—and making your space feel truly livable—can be a challenge. The shortage often results in focusing on the practical instead of the pretty, which is less than ideal if you’re a design-lover like us. Fortunately we’ve got an abundance of visual tricks and product picks to magically expand the look and feel of your space. Read on, and get ready to live large.

For Furniture…

Less is more. Opting for fewer, larger pieces over a bunch of smaller items will make your space feel bigger and less cluttered. For example, choose a sectional instead of a sofa and set of chairs to maximize a petite living room.

Go high. Bring bookcases(and kitchen cabinets!) all the way to the ceiling to lead the eye up and fake the appearance of a taller space.

Try furnishings with legs. Sofas and chairs with legs create a more open feel than pieces that sit directly on the ground or those with skirted bases.

Think clearly. Transparent materials, such as glass, take up less visual space in a room. We love them in the form of a glass coffee table or an acrylic chair.

For Paint, Curtains, and Wallpaper…

Fake it with drapery. Make your ceilings appear taller and your windows look larger by hanging your curtain rod close to the ceiling and extending it wider than the window.

Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to draw the eye up—and to add a fabulous dash of color or pattern without sacrificing space.

Let the light in. Darkness makes spaces feel smaller, so try gauzy curtains to maximize sunlight.

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