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Our successful company history.

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About Decorsw

We provide high quality products at a very competitive price with wonderful design for every customer. Our company supplies various home decors, including wall panels and artificial fences.
Both of them will provide quiet spaces and valuable privacy for you. They can also be great decoration for your house.

Over the years, our company is favored by many decorators and various celebration service providers for our high quality products and after-sales service.

We are always on the lookout for the newest and most daring designs to improve our products and service.

Our products only ship to American areas. We strive to provide better service for you. You can contact us VIA Facebook at !

In order to maintain our high quality products at a much more competitive price,we have established Decorsw website.

Decors stands for our products, and W stands for warehouse, we are highly focused on providing high quality decors for American decorators.

In 2018

Established a website aiming at providing our high quality decoration materials for American local decorative designers.


In 2017

The accumulated sales area of 3D wall panels and artificial hedge fence exceeded  4.57 million square feet from



In 2016

The accumulated sales area of 3D wall panels exceeded 700,000 square feet on the AMAZON/EBAY.


In 2015

Established a new warehousing service center in San Diego, Western California for business development.

In 2014

Decorsw conducted further cooperation with many well known decoration materials factories to establish a US local warehouse.

In 2013

Founded in 2013 in Eastern Delaware, And set up the first AMAZON store.